Fried plantains - typically served with dinner.

Fried plantains is something that can be added to any dish. It’s usually added to lunch or dinner. There’s an art to cooking it so as it does not burn. It’s also important that you get the plantains when they are perfect. In that I mean, they should have a golden color with little or no black spots or marking. If they are too green, then it wont work in this recipe. There is a recipe for green plantains just so you know :-). And if they are too ripe, then they won’t cut properly and won’t fry properly. Yes, there is a recipe for over ripe plantains as well.

Cooking With Kerwin - Ripe Plantains
Cooking With Kerwin – Ripe Plantains
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Fried Plantains
Jamaican Food - Dinner - Fried Plantains
Cuisine Jamaican
Cuisine Jamaican
Jamaican Food - Dinner - Fried Plantains
  1. Wash ripe plantain while still in its skin
  2. Remove skin
  3. Cut in half using a diagonal slice
  4. Slice both halves about 1/4" thickness
  5. Add oil to pan and heat; ensure its very hot
  6. Add slices of plantains, but be careful to place them in the pan as it will splash and burn you if you don't.
  7. Turn so as not to let them burn. Fry until golden brown
  8. Place in plate with hand towel which will absorb the excess oil
  9. Serve hot.
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  • I’ve always wanted to try cooking plantains, but have been hesitant, worried I’d end up burning them. I’ll just have to make myself do it. 😉 Thank you for sharing the recipe. 🙂


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