Friday night's dinner is oxtail with rice and peas.

Oxtail with rice and peasWhenever I’m home on the weekends I have to go and get some Jamaican food.  I usually go to my local place Caribbean Cuisine.  Today, I had some Oxtail with rice and peas.  I asked for some green bananas, but sadly they were out.  Instead, I got a fried dumpling as well as some fried plantains and boiled carrots for my vegetable.  This was all very good.

While there, a couple came in and said this was their first time at the restaurant.  I heard the lady order a patty asking if she should have two.  I recommend that she had the beef as opposed to the chicken and the lady behind the counter recommended that as they are eating in, she should order one and if she needed another just order another then.  All sound advice.  Usually when I purchase one patty, I need another.

While shopping for dinner, I saw a bunch of callaloo and bought it for dinner later this week.  I also left with two beef patties.  We will have a video of how to cook callaloo.  I usually get some soup, but I refrained this time around.

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