Ask Cooking With Kerwin: What Is The Most Common Jamaican Foods

I got a question today and I figured I should answer it here:

Q: What is the most common Jamaican food?

A: To answer this question, its best to break it up into categories, as I don’t think there is one particular food that is most common over other foods. So here goes.


  • Breakfast
    • Ackee and Saltfish – This one is an acquired taste
  • Lunch
    • Patty and Coco bread
  • Snack
    • Bun and cheese – This is very popular around Easter time, but its eaten all year round. Bun is like a mini cake and its sliced and a pieces of salted cheddar cheese placed in the middle.
  • Dinner
    • Rice and peas – Most everyone has this dish on a Sunday and then it lasts for the week as leftovers a few days.
    • Curry goat – 
    • Oxtail – This is actually the tail of the cow, cut into about one inch pieces. It is quite delicious and even better if its cooked so the bones are soft.

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