Cooking With Kerwin pimento in mortarI’m asked all the time why does Jamaican food taste so good; I always say that its all in the preparation.  We take pride in preparing the meal.  Plus we have secret ingredients :-), just kidding or am I?  But seriously, its in the spices, so today, let’s talk about pimento.

I grew up in the country parts of Jamaica and each year my church would have pimento picking.  Its kind of misleading as the pimento branches are already cut from the trees all we did was to then take them off the branches and put them in crocus bags.  I thoroughly enjoyed it as a kid and it was all volunteer.  The aroma cannot be described here.  Its the same aroma and flavor pimento gives Jamaican meals all island over.

You can use pimento in soups, rice and peas and when you are seasoning your meats.  You can place it in the meal whole when cooking rice and peas or beat it in a small mortar and place it in your oxtail or other meats.


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