I talk about cooking some corn on the cob with a packet of Rice Sides.

Knorr Rice Sides – Chicken Flavor


I’m a little tired tonight, so I don’t really want to cook up a storm. My last time at the grocery store I picked up four ears of corn, which by the way does not really work well with braces, but I digress.

Corn is very nutritious and very easy to prepare. I had also picked up this packet of Knorr Rice Sides, chicken flavored. The packet said “Rice & Pasta Blend in a Savory Chicken Flavored Sauce.”  Umm…

A packet of Knorr Rice Sides Chicken Flavor
A packet of Knorr Rice Sides Chicken Flavor

It said it would cook in 7 minutes; I laughed, nothing cooks in 7 minutes!  I mean really. Besides I was also doing some corn on the cob.

I first took the husk off the corn, which is quite easy and then broke it into two at the halfway point.  Then I washed them and placed them in a pot of water on the stove.  I ensured that the water covered each pieces of the corn on the cob.  As I’m running out of salt I did not bother to add any to the water, besides it is not really necessary. One corn on the cob did not not seem enough so I added another one also breaking it in two as well.

Corn on the cob cooking
Corn on the cob cooking

While that boiled, I started reading the preparation instructions for the Rice Sides. Simple enough:

Add contents to two cups of water and simmer.

I took a coffee cup from the cupboards and filled it with water twice pouring it into the pot each time. It was then I realized that their cup was bigger than mine :-). So I added two more cups. Then I poured in the contents of the packet. It had a great aroma, so that was a good thing.  I then placed the pot on the stove at medium flame.

Rice cooking
Rice cooking

It took about 30-40 minutes to cook the rice to perfection and just the way I liked it. The key is to turn down the flame, cover the pot and let it simmer checking on it frequently so it does not burn.  

Knorr Rice Sides Chicken flavor cooked
Knorr Rice Sides Chicken flavor cooked

The corn on the cobs were cooking and had about another 30 minutes; I like my corn well done, easier on the teeth :-).  I even had to add some additional water.  I usually cook corn on the cob with the pot open as it makes it easier for me to keep an eye on the water level.  You can just partially cover it if you so desire.  But keep an eye out as you don’t want the water to dry out and then it burns.

Everything Cooking
Everything Cooking

I spooned out 1/2 of the rice into a plate and ate it as is.  No need for anything else and I’ll have enough for dinner tomorrow night.

1/2 of cooked rice removed
1/2 of cooked rice removed

Once the corn on the cobs were all done, I placed them in a plate and then ate.  Yum…

Corn on the cob cooked
Corn on the cob cooked

Now it is your turn to try it. Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below.

PS: I’ve done a video on how to cook corn on the cob so will add that to the cooking series once it is all worked out.


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  • Kerwin, cutting the corn from the cob is better on the braces! You cut the wider end of the cob to create a flat surface then hold the cob vertically on a plate and use a sharp knife to cut the corn from the cob. Place kernels in a pot with 1/2 stick of butter (that is if you start with 2 cobs) and simmer on low heat until the butter melts and bubbles. Add a little salt and pepper! Yummy corn!

    • Dr. Franzen,

      I love this new recipe and will try it the next time. I think I need to sharpen my knife though :-). Good thing there is a local guy that does excellent knife sharpening (video to come). I’m sure you have other braces-friendly ones in your arsenal :-).

      I surprise people all the time as I don’t do butter with my corn on the cob; the look on their faces is precious.

      I do have videos of how corn on the cob is cooked in Jamaica from roadside vendors; its quite a treat an will water your mouth.

      If anyone has mouth watering corn on the cob recipes please leave a comment.

  • I would like to see the videos! In Mexico they sell corn on the cob with chili and lime – in some areas they roll the cobs of corn in crema and finely grated cheese – a hard cheese kind of like parmesan – the first time I saw it I thought it was coconut! They’re both really good! One day I was in Indian Town – East Gerrard St., Toronto. I was surprised to see they were barbecuing corn on the cob and serving it with lime and chiles – just like Mexico except a different chile spice mixture.

    Think I’ll go to the store and buy some corn!


  • Absolutely LOVE corn on the cob. However, I haven’t boiled my corn on the cob in quite some time, ever since we got our gas grill many years ago. I throw it on the grill, husks and all for about 20 minutes, it would need to grill longer for a more tender result, I like mine still a little ‘crunchy’ 🙂 Remove from the grill, remove the husks, run under cool running water to get all the ‘silk’ off and voila! By the way, I too, do not butter my corn on the cob. 🙂

    I’ll have to try your rice dish. 🙂

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