Completing the Jamaican curry chicken dinner.

Today is time to make dinner.

At about 4:30p or so I started dinner.  I had talked to my mom on the phone and I needed to add some tomatoes to the seasoning.  It is funny how the recipe is so different depending on whom you talk to.  Now in Jamaica, dinner would already be done cooking.  You see on Sundays, dinner is started about the same time as breakfast.  So by about 3p or so dinner is usually served.  Well, no can do, I woke up at about 10a and lazed around the apartment all day.

After adding the tomatoes, peeling and cutting up the potatoes, I placed the seasoned chicken in the pot with some oil on the stove at 4:44p.  I also started a kettle of water as well as some rice and two ears of corn on the cob.  Dinner is on its way.  it is good to have a kettle of hot water so you can add it to the cooking as needed.  Adding cold water slows down the process.

In a few minutes I added the diced potatoes to the curried chicken, added some black pepper and salted to taste.  By 5:44p, everything was cooked and dinner was ready.

I’m going to have some videos with additional pictures posted in the new member sections soon.

For now, take a look at some pictures below.  What did you have for dinner?

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  • A mom creation :)
Toasted bread, beef patty and oven baked plaintain with lettuce
  • Bulla and cheese.
A favorite lunch food in Jamaica
  • Salmon and potatoes and asparagus for dinner.

What are you having?

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