A look at bun and cheese at Easter in Jamaica.

Jamaica Easter Bun And Cheese


Easter is a special time in Jamaica and the world.  Basically the country shuts down from Holy Thursday to Easter Monday.  During this season, one of the things that is eaten is bun and cheese.  It is actually eaten year round, but at Easter it is special for some reason.

Jamaican Spice Bun
Jamaican Spice Bun


Jamaican Bun and Cheese
Jamaican Bun and Cheese

The cheese, cheddar, comes in a can and you buy as much as you need usually in pound portions cut in triangles or half circles just for you. 

Jamaican Cheddar Cheese
Jamaican Cheddar Cheese

The bun is bought from your local grocery store. At Easter, a special bun is made appropriately called “Easter bun.” It is much larger and is about the size of a load of bread. It has a lot of extra fruits in it. If you don’t get your early, you may not have anything to eat on Good Friday.

This is big business as you can imagine.  No one goes without bun and cheese at Easter.

Have you ever tried bun and cheese? If so, what do you think?

The small bun picture and the cheese are graciously taken by a friend of mine in New York as they enjoyed their bun (straight from Jamaica) and cheese (from a local Jamaican food store in the Bronx).


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