Jamaican Fruit cakeI’m not sure how this started, but fruit cake is someone what taboo in the U.S.  The sheer thought of it terrifies people for some reason.  Apparently, if you really dislike someone, you give them fruit cake.

Not so in Jamaican at all, we love fruit cake!  maybe its ’cause we do it right :-).

I went to a different Jamaican food restaurant last night, Cool Runnings, as my normal jaunt Caribbean Cuisine is temporarily closed.  Not sure why.   The place was bustling and the kitchen is right out in the open so you can see the food in the containers as well as being cooked.  It looked really good.

My dad, sister and her two sons were all in town so wer going to sit down for dinner.  Only there were no one in the dining room, so we just did the take out thing.

One of the things we got was fruit cake!  I just had it and I need another slice.  Why did I not get two of these?

Two of may aunts are the queens of making fruit cake, so the recipe will be shared her at some point.  My mom is really good at it as well and so is one of my best friend’s mom.  I’ll see if I can get all the recipees and share them here.

Ao in the meantime, pop over to your local Jamaican food place and pick up two clices.

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  • I’m one of the weird ones that actually loves fruitcake! 🙂 Would love to see some of those recipes Kerwin. 🙂

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